Pepsi can is found printed in a lobster’s claw

A lobster that was fished in November in the coast of New Brunswick, Canada had an unusual mark in its claw.

In the photo it can be observed the upper lid of a blue Pepsi can with its curved edges and its red logo peeking out from the bottom. It is unclear how the lobster got the imprint in its claw and whether if it was from an actual can or from a picture of one.

The image was first reported by the Canadian Broadcast Company but the image has already been circulating around the internet as a reminder of the amount of rubbish our ocean holds.

Ocean trash is now a global issue affecting not only marine habitats but also marine life as sea animals like to eat the trash found in the ocean floor.

It is important to be aware of the impact that rubbish has on marine habitats when getting rid of our trash.

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