Household Waste

Things we throw away at home

Why recycle?

Because if we recycle:

We can help to save natural resources

Reduce the amount of solid waste

Reuse solid waste in something new


Reduce = we help to decrease the amount of solid waste

Reuse = we use materials again or we can change garbage into a new thing, for example we can make a table placemat from plastic caps

Recycle = we can separate the waste to a process of transformation or they can be used again

What can I recycle?

Paper (newspapers and magazines)

Cardboard (boxes, coxes of milk and juice)

Glass (bottles and jars)

Plastic (bottles and containers)

Aluminium (drink cans)

Steel (steel cans)

Organic material (fruit and vegetable leftovers)

Others (batteries, printer toner)

Some tips

Re – us bags, bottles or others things

User paper bags

Give away clothes and  furniture to others

Walk, ride a bike, take a bus or share a car

Re – use the work paper

Use energy – saving lights

Care plats and animals = care our planet